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The Brokerage Store, Inc. has been offering Occupational Accident Insurance products to our agents and clients since it’s inception to Texas in 1991. Since that time there have been many changes in Occupational Accident Insurance for the betterment of “Mr. Employer.” In the beginning, our plans only covered the accident part of a work comp claim. There was “no” employer’s legal indemnity. THAT HAS ALL CHANGED!!! Most of our carriers and programs now include “EMPLOYER’S INDEMNITY”. It is referred to as “DUTY TO DEFEND.” This means the insurance company has the “DUTY TO DEFEND” the employer for any lawsuits arising from an employee claim against the employer. In most cases, the defense cost “DOES NOT” erode the limits of the policy.

Our policy limits vary from $100,000 C.S.L. (combined single limit) to $2,000,000. This amount not only covers the accident portion of a claim but also covers any settlements, judgments or punitive damages. Occupational disease and cumulative trauma are also options of these programs.

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